Syncomate Key Benefits


Nurture Relationship

With each client matched to a corresponding value according to their influence and decision-making ability, your sales team will be able to prioritise their time, make better decisions, maximise opportunities and successfully nurture and develop relationships.

Have access to a comprehensive view of your clients’ life cycle as details of each client’s preferences and previous successes will be hosted in this central database, giving your staff the step ahead.

Embedded into the system will also be every interaction involving the client; past and present communications through phone calls, emails and meetings, all in addition to internal account discussions. No duplicates will occur as the system automatically identifies any pre-existing clients on data entry, giving you a clean database.

With your total view you will be able to nurture and grow your relationships, building better business relations and return on investment.

Synchronise Your Teams

Allow all members of your workforce to have sight of each other’s interactions, conversations and meeting plans to allow for an integrated workforce, increasing their productivity and output value.

With integrated calendars enabling sight of colleagues’ travel and meetings, you will allow your staff to work together on new business deals, minimizing duplications on work, improving staff efficiency and maximising the power of collaboration.

The system also allows for complete vision on accounts, with all previous conversations, revenue and expenditure information being accessible. If an email is sent regarding a particular individual’s account, they will be notified to ensure no duplicated work occurs and every opportunity is maximized.


When you need to find out who you met two weeks ago, how much money you spent with them, what the revenue was, the quantity of MICE bookings made or whether a marketing promotion was bought, you want to be able to get all this information, quickly and efficiently.

Syncomate synchronises all your day-to-day business information automatically into a single platform, so you will be able to go to one place to find the answers you need. This will enable you to make accurate, informed decisions, increasing your ROI on activities.

Informed Decision Making

This system can provide you with the market research you need to make important and accurate decisions.

If you are planning on opening an additional hotel in a new location, this database will provide you with the information you need.

With details supplied on competitors, target audiences, expenditure and return on investment, all the information is provided for you to make in-line intelligent decisions. Your risks are reduced and you are led to growth in business performance and success.

No More Handovers

With staff leaving, knowledge gaps can be significant resulting in time and money spent re-building these. Performance outputs can dip and customer relationships may decline.

With a system that retains the whole lifecycle of staff and customer relationships, including email trails and calls along with future meetings and handovers scheduled dips in business knowledge are a thing of the past. Syncomate allows for the seamless sharing of account information.

Conferencing & Banqueting System

Providing a system that enables your entire event to be organised seamlessly from the initial enquiry to the billing stages.

Clients are able to select at the outset pre-set packages including their conference room options, equipment hire, catering and accommodation rates, creating a seamless user experience.

With a fully integrated e-mail facility delivering correspondence on all areas, auto-tasks submitted to guide your users throughout the booking process, automatically generated reminders for follow up requirements and built in templates with document-merging facilities to ensure a professional communication, your client will feel at ease as they know their event is in good hands.

The system will also seamlessly integrate with your CRM providing accurate reports and allowing you to track ROI.

Automated Marketing

With an automated marketing system, your marketing is more efficient and saves on staff time. Your consumer will generate his or her own path down your customer journey flow leading to informed purchase decision making.

This feature is the future of marketing as our sales’ journey has developed from pushing information to request from your consumers. Allow your consumers to generate their own sales journey and save time on your marketing, whilst producing even better results.

Integrated RFP Tool

With an option to enter RFPs for both MICE and Transit along with the connectivity of several MICE websites, such as Venue Directory and City Collection, you will have all of your leads in one place and be able to manage them with one click.

With simple tracking systems, reminder notifications and unlimited customisation, converting these opportunities will be seamless.

Seamless Management of Expenses

Allow your expenses to be managed in a continuous system that permits expenses to be uploaded and integrated with your accounting software.

The cohesive system will also allow for pre-authorisation, saving on time and increasing efficiency as staff carry out their business activities. Receipts can simply be scanned in.

Detailed MIS reports can be obtained, evidencing quantities gained and spent on each account along with their corresponding outputs, enhancing your client knowledge and staff performance levels.