What is Syncomate?

Syncomate is the latest innovative software for the hotel industry. It provides a solution for every aspect of running a hotel efficiently including; operations, sales, marketing and accounts amongst many others, but automatically integrates these solutions into one platform.

With all your business information in a single, integrated platform, Syncomate enables your staff to work together, creating more accurately informed decision-making and driving your business’s success, helping increase your ROI on activities. Syncomate: saving you cost and helping you to generate more revenue.

Syncomate Key Benefits

Nurture Relationship

With a holistic view of your clients’ lifecycle, including account discussions, preferences and previous successes, you will be able to build better business relations and return on investment.

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Sync Your Teams

Allow for better efficiency of your workforce as you empower collaboration and efficiency through total sight of staff reporting, calendars and meetings. This integration and comprehensive view allows you to maximise every opportunity presented.

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Synchronising your required day-to-day business information automatically into a single platform, enables you to have in-line intelligence leading to accurate, informed decision making and increasing your ROI on activities.

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Informed Decision Making

Through easy accessibility of current knowledge and insight into your existing market you will have more accurate and relevant decision-making.

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No More Handovers

With all activities done by the users referenced in one system, the sharing of knowledge can now be executed in a seamless manner, allowing for no dips in performance levels during staff trasnfers.

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Conferencing & Banqueting System

Syncomate organises the entire event from initial enquiry to billing. It comes with fully integrated e-mail facility and auto-tasks guiding users throughout the booking process from catering to different accommodation rates.

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Automated Marketing

With timely and relevant marketing your marketing performance will be increased as your consumers make informed purchase decisions. With automation you save on time and costs as the system produces your next emails automatically.

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Integrated RFP Tool

With a fantastic in-depth lead management tool and integration with several MICE websites, the RFP tool gives an opportunity for sales people to respond to different prospects from one platform therefore improving their efficiency and response time.

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Seamless Management of Expenses

Allow for a time efficient expense management system that also enables you to create detailed MIS reports enhancing your account knowledge and review of staff performance levels.

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  • £55user/month
    (billed annually)
    • Legacy data cleaning and import
    • Shared address book
    • Auto complete
    • Integrated email notifications
    • Account and contact management
    • Location snapshots
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  • Enterprise
  • £75user/month
    (billed annually)
  • Includes Beginner features along with:
    • Shared calendars
    • RFP tool
    • Account analyses
    • Task and event tracking
    • Marketing automation
    • Two way email sync
    • Calendar sync
    • Schedule follow-up and reminders
    • Territory management
    • Account history
    • PMS Integration
    • Customised reports
    • Email support
    • Integration via API
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  • Automated
  • £125user/month
    (billed annually)
  • Includes Enterprise features along with:
    • Expense management
    • Banqueting and catering
    • Unlimited customisation
    • Unlimited online training
    • Phone support
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To know more about our products please contact our sales representative on +44 (0) 207 222 0850 +44 (0) 208 099 1670

Syncomate Integrations

Property Management Systems

Sycnomate can be interfaced with any kind of PMS. This is imperative to be able to evaluate the return on investment. Furthermore, the outcomes of your team’s activities will be assessed as well as their productivity levels.

Email Clients

Syncomate is dual integrated with Office 365 and Gmail. Additionally, it can be embedded with Microsoft Exchange and numerous other email clients.

MICE Websites

Syncomate will soon be dual integrated with several major MICE websites and is currently synchronised with the likes of venuedirectory.com and thecitycollection.org etc.

Syncomate- Anywhere, Anytime.
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